Saturday, December 20, 2014


  1. both of these are absolutely breathtaking, you are so talented!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful work Shellie. I now have all my supplies together to make the Raindrops on Roses Album but can't find the outside binding on the spine so will have to use something different. I have a lovely box to put this in when it is finished but it is only 2 1/4" deep so will I just leave out one hinge? Have you made them just using three hinges? I'm trying to work out the measurements on scrap cardstock so I get it right as my paper pad just cost me $33.00 so I don't want to make too many mistakes. Thank you for the very clear instructions as this is my very first album and I feel I can manage it OK. You are in my favourites folder forever. Would love some of your cool weather as it is way too hot here in Australia at the moment. Season's Greetings.
    Gillian :)

  3. Hi Gillian! I make these albums all different ways, alter how I build them, add hinges, do different hinge styles, etc. So you can altered your album hinges. Being this is your first album though, I recommend following the tutorial exactly with the measurements I gave. $33 paper pad is expensive and I don't want to suggest a measurement for you to use in order to fit in your 2-1/4" depth box and it not resembling the Raindrops on Roses album because it will look different. With that being said - IF it were me having to fit an album into a 2-1/4" box, I personally would make my spine 1-3/4" wide. That would give me 1/2" headroom inside the box to accommodate my flowers / embellishments on my album cover (if you are using the same metal birdcage on the cover of your album, measure it first before adhering it down because it may be too bulky to use). Being my spine is alot slimmer than the tutorial album, it isn't going to be able to hold anything bulky inside and some of the designs I used in that album will not fit in this 1-3/4" wide album. As far as the hinges go- I would score my hinges closer together - so there was 1/4" spacing on my hinge. Then I'd fold them and place them on my spine before adhering them down just to eyeball how the 3 hinges need to be spaced apart to fit the spine. I hope this helps. Happy crafting!!

  4. Hi Shellie. Your work is amazing and inspiring. I love to follow you on YouTube. Can you please walk through your other albums so that it gives idea of how to best use the paper. Thank you for all the amazing turorials.

    1. Hi Ramya and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Because these albums sell after I post them, the only way to show you the inside is to start providing the link to the sale page where there are detailed pictures of each page and the options on each page. They are sold through Ebay so I will start providing the links when I post them to my blog. Happy crafting and have a wonderful week!