Sunday, November 22, 2015

A fun little project I did with DBS Beauty in Blues. Birdhouse. The DBS resin window frames & door will soon be available at J & S HOBBIES AND CRAFTS WEBSITE


  1. I absolutely love this. I have been trying to create a bird house, and I was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to bring it together. I am a novice at this. Please tell me that you have a tutorial for this. I'll make you a pot of coffee if you do LOL

    1. LOL you are so sweet. You know I LOVE coffee :) Actually there is no tutorial and you don't need one for this.. I bought the birdhouse and spray painted it white. I next cut pieces to fit the walls of the birdhouse. The windows are a new release DBS Resin Window frames and door (should be available within the week). For the roof - I have a corrugator tool that I ran the paper through however, you can score and fold paper to create the effect just as easily. To get the paper to fit over the nesting holes - I laid and glued my paper over it and used my craft knife to poke a hole in the middle, then sliced several notches so my paper would fold inside the holes.

  2. Thank you Shellie, your coffee is on the way! I do have a corrugator tool and now I have a use for it. Hurray. I am a nut about buying every tool that comes along. My crowed craft room tells the story of years of collecting. I will start my search for just the right birdhouse. Thanks again.